Policies and Procedures

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Grant applicant must be an employee of the Higley Unified School District
  2. The proposal must align to HUSD’s curriculum and educational philosophy as well as all Governing Board policies.
  3. The proposed project must be directly related to student learning. There will be no funding for prizes or substitute teachers.
  4. Each application may request a maximum of $300.
  5. Grant applications must include a signature page. This page must be printed, appropriate signatures gathered, then uploaded with the application. It must be signed by yourself, a co-applicant if applicable and the supervising administrator.
    *If software or other technological equipment is part of the requested grant, applicant must also have the Director of Technology at HUSD approve and sign the signature page.
  6. All materials purchased with grant money become the property of HUSD

Grant Process

  1. Each applicant must submit the application online by the published deadline.
  2. The submitted grant application should not be more than 8 pages long. It should include:
    1. Fillable online application: including a budget, and written grant proposal. The written proposal has a maximum of 1000 words.
    2. Signature page
    3. Up to 3 supporting documents (e.g. photos, sample work, letters of support).
  3. The Foundation will contact all applicants and communicate whether or not the grant application was funded.

After an Award

  1. A Summary and Evaluation form will be given to a successful candidate, and is due 30 days after the award.
  2. All publicity and advertising must acknowledge the Higley Achievement Foundation.

Submission Checklist

  • Online application including a budget and written proposal (1000 word maximum).
  • Signature page with all necessary signatures (Download)
  • Up to three supporting documents of additional material

Submission Form

Project Title*
Total Amount Requested*
(Maximum $300)
Subject Area
Grade Level(s)
Number of classes that will participate
Number of students who will participate
Applicant's Name
Phone number*
(best for HUSD/HAF communication)
Email Address*
Co-Applicant’s Name
(if applicable)
Co-Applicant’s Phone number
(best for HUSD/HAF communication)
Co-Applicant’s Email Address
Principal's Name


Detailed Description of Expense of Entire Project Amount Budgeted
Total Expenses

If the total expenses matches the amount you have requested from the Foundation, then you are finished with this page of the application.
If other funders will finance this project, please provide the information below:

Funder Amount Funded Pending or Realized
Higley Achievement Foundation Pending

Please write a statement of 1000 words or less, explaining your project and describing what benefit it will have for students of HUSD. Include the following:

  • A concise overview of the project and its purpose.
  • Demonstrate the importance of the project and its direct or indirect impact on students’ needs.
  • Describe the student population that will be served (e.g. the number of students impacted, any specialized needs of students that would be addressed).
  • A project timeline including schedules for purchasing, implementation, and evaluation.
  • An evaluation plan with clearly defined and concise objectives. Answer the question: How will you measure the success of the project?
  • Any additional information you fell will help the review panel make a decision: including but not limited to innovation, creativity, success in other venues.

Proposal Check Sheet

  • Proposal is a maximum of 1000 words
  • Clear, concise project statement and demonstrated importance
  • Number and needs of students impacted
  • Project timeline
  • Evaluation plan

Proposal Statement

Supporting Files

Acceptable filetypes: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, odt, avi, ogg, m4a, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, wav, and wmv

Each file must be 5mb or smaller

Signature Form*
Supporting Document #1
Supporting Document #2
Supporting Document #3

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